Tools of Titans: A Software Update for Your Brain



Tim Ferriss is probably the single most useful celebrity that I regularly pay attention to. However, his value has less to do with his particular knowledge (which is still incredibly useful e.g. “The 4 Hour Workweek”) but instead comes from his network.

Tim has recorded over 200 podcast episodes dissecting the tools and traits of top performers across a plethora of skill sets. After combing through all sorts of investors, writers, and athletes Tim has assembled the Avengers.

Some of the individuals profiled in this book include former California Governor and robot assassin from the future Arnold Schwarzenegger, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, and actual fucking superhuman; The Iceman Wim Hof.

In this book, Tim includes the best advice, tools, and tactics that he has actually used from every guest on his podcast. You can think of this book as The Tim Ferriss Show’s greatest hits with loads of bonus content.

How You Should Read This Book

Tim’s books look and feel very similar to college textbooks as they go over a wealth of information. Because of their length and depth, Tim includes a how-to-use section in the beginning. You can read over that yourself when you pick up a copy. I wanted to suggest a few other ways you can go about consuming this behemoth.

Cover to Cover: Although Tim and I both encourage skipping around in this book many book lovers will see this as blasphemy. Don’t worry this book isn’t Quinton Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and you can read it linearly it just isn’t necessary and you might find yourself bored in some parts (I’m not particularly interested in the health section of the book, so I skimmed it my first read through).

Revisit Your Favorites: Although Tim brings a lot of content not available from his podcast to the book you can still use it as a companion to your favorite episodes. Simply go to the table of contents, pick your favorites along with maybe some that you missed in audio, and enjoy the book that way.

Page Hopping: I’ve included this option just for fun. I have yet to try it but plan to do so in my second read through. If you bought the E-book like I did you’ll see where Tim links to relevant sections of the book that are connected in content but separated by space. To play simply start the book after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s forward and read until you see a page number highlighted in blue click the page number to jump to that section and read until you reach the next link. Do this until you’re bored of it.

Why You Should Read This Book.

Tackle your new year’s resolutions: Inspired by Benjamin Franklin Tim has decided this book into three sections; Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. All of these categories align with what the areas most of us wish to improve in our own lives. So whether you want to get healthy, pad your bank account, or make better decisions this book has a section for all your drunken new year’s declarations.

Educational Value: This book was about $15 on iBooks. Your average American college student spends way more than that to become a more well-rounded individual. Tim is definitely pro college whereas I’m a little more on the fence about the subject. However, I believe we both understand that the ROI on a book like this is very hard to argue with.

If You’re a Fan: If you’re a fan of Tim Ferriss, and have been following as long as I have (since before the podcast) you probably don’t need convincing. However, if there are a few of you diehards out there that don’t want to shell out the cash I want you to consider the value you’ve already gotten from everything Tim offers for free. If you’re a fan buy this book.

When You Should Read This Book

Right now: If you clicked on this article there is a good chance you’re already considering reading “Tools of Titans”, but you just don’t know if now is a good time. If you’ve got kids to feed and bills to pay don’t buy this book yet. Otherwise buy this book immediately whether you’re a fan of Tim Ferriss or not I can’t recommend it enough.

Over and over again: In the beginning of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” the author includes nine suggestions on how to get the most of his book in which he suggests revisiting it frequently as you test the principles discussed within. The same should be done with this book. Read it over and over again, practice what’s inside, and apply what you learn in every possible facet of your life.

Instal The Latest Software for Your Brain

I often think of my brain as a computer and the media I consume as a software update. Sometimes we put software on our smartphones and computers that crash it or makes the experience of owning it somehow worse.

We do this in our brains by fretting over the negativity in the news, scowling at the outrageous Facebook posts of the people we went to high school with, and watching mindlessly unproductive YouTube videos.

Sometimes we put software on our smartphones and computers that make us fall in love with the product all over again. Everything runs smoother, and we use it more than we ever did before. If knowledge is software this book is one hell of an upgrade.


I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss and all of his work. If you’re a like-minded individual leave a comment bellow and feel free to follow me on Twitter.


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