Medium/ WordPress Killer?



Literally yesterday evening I was poking around on the web trying to decide whether or not I should stop dual posting on my WordPress account, as well as my Medium account. I have only been writing publicly very recently but when I started I based my publishing schedule off this idea of dual posting.

While putting up my most recent post I ran into some issues over at WordPress that kept me from publishing on Clickable ( the name of my WordPress blog) for hours. For whatever reason WordPress was having a lot of trouble attaching my photos and wouldn’t finish saving changes and just let me publish my article. While I was slapping my keyboard and tweeting at WordPress’s Twitter account trying to resolve the issue my article was already published on Medium waiting to be shared.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.30.43 PM

After the dust settled and I was able to have my post up on both platforms and tweet out about it I kept thinking how much nicer the experience on Medium has been for me so far. I love the little plus sign that pops up on the left when you hit the return key which makes adding attachments so smooth. I also made my first connections in the blogging community from Medium.

Then today I wake up and as per usual I’m scrolling through Medium and Twitter when I see this post in which Medium outlines there new services. I don’t know if Medium is reading my mind but they certainly picked an opportune time to rollout their Medium for Publishers and Revenue Beta services.

When I first decided to go with WordPress I did it for two reasons:

1. It seemed easy to customize my sight

2. It seemed easy to migrate from the free .com version of WordPress to the paid .org version of WordPress when I thought I was getting enough traffic to justify enabling affiliate links and other revenue generators.

Mediums announcement put both of these necessities front and center.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.32.21 PM.png

With Medium for Publishers they offer tools that make it easy (hopefully easier than WordPress) to personalize your blog or publication with color schemes, layout templates, and custom navigation settings. They also promise to make it easier for existing platforms to migrate existing content to their platform all while preserving timestamps and links. Seems like a no-brainer.

However I don’t know how I feel about the other part of this “New Medium”. Mediums Revenue Beta is supposed to solve the problem of generating income for its publishers. As far as I can tell they do not offer any support for affiliate links but they do offer some interesting options.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.33.30 PM

If Medium accepts your application to become a beta member for this service one of the things you’ll be able to do is turn on Promoted Stories. What this means is that you will be able to tack stories from brand partners to the end of posts that you write. Like a little advertisement for brands that lives at the end of your posts.

The other thing that the Revenue Beta will offer is Membership content. This will allow readers to pay a fee to subscribe to different publications on Medium. Those subscribers will then be granted access to some exclusive posts and other perks (whatever that means).

The Revenue Beta reminds me in a lot of ways of YouTube Red. You pay a fee, you get perks and exclusive content, and you have to be one of a select few creators to really benefit from it. I am mostly curious about the memberships. Will we be paying a fee for every content creator that we want exclusive content from or will there be a premium option in the future that allows access behind all of the pay walls for one price?

I don’t believe I will be shutting down my WordPress account immediately. Instead I will likely continue duel posting on both sights. For now keeping both is a happy Medium.

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